How To Throw A Hurricane Party

Hurricane season started yesterday. Here’s how to make sure your party hits harder than a hurricane. 


Let’s be honest, the most essential part to any hurricane party is a full bar. Trying to score liquor before a major hurricane might prove difficult which is why it’s important to get to your local store early in order to beat the masses. We suggest high performance running sneakers in order to complete this task efficiently. 

Find the recipe for the famous hurricane cocktail here: http://www.liquor.com/recipes/hurricane/


Since you’re probably shit out of luck when it comes to using wall plugs an endless amount of batteries come highly recommended. Batteries are important for things like, portable speakers, because without one you wouldn’t be able to jam to the Tame Impala album while trying to forget what’s going on outside. Junk food is a crucial part of any hurricane party; it is proven that a satisfied stomach makes for a satisfied person. 


Anyone who has ever been trapped inside of a house during a hurricane knows that your creative juices will automatically begin to flow. You begin to wonder what it would be like to slide down your stairs using your mattress as a raft (Princess Diaries Style.) Building a fort out of blankets will bring you right back to your childhood and create a cozy escape for all attendees. Supplies to be included: Blankets, pillows, sofa cushions, chairs or couches, clothes pins, a few flashlights, extra blankets and some munchies. 



When taking the guest list into consideration make sure you’re only inviting people you can tolerate for more than a few hours. Inviting anyone who will bring down the positive energy of the party isn’t advised. It’s important to keep your party atmosphere light and happy no matter the size of the storm you’re in. They’ll most likely be great contributors to your refrigerator, the more food the better!

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