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JoJo Tea Tips: how to get the most out of green or white tea you’ve had laying around for months



Got a bunch of green or white tea laying around? Here are a few tips on how to get the most aroma and flavor without bringing out bitter tannins and undesirable notes.

  • Boiling water will be too hot. It’ll burn and over-extract the tea, bringing out tannins that dry out the mouth and stomach. If you’ve only got access to really hot water (office water cooler), use the cool water to fill a quarter of the cup and fill the rest of the cup with hot water.
  • Don’t let the hot water hit the tea directly. First fill the cup, and then add the tea. Let it steep for two or three minutes, and then remove the tea, letting it drip into the cup.
  • Don’t squeeze the bag, that’ll also release a bunch of tannins and taste like grassy rubbing alcohol… Green and white teas are plucked in spring, so they should represent soft, young flavors.
  • Sip slowly; look for nuance; aim for subtlety. Cheers! @SipJoJo

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