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Why Wynwood? 

When my husband and I decided to move back to Miami in 2010, Wynwood was a huge part of me being able to convince him (and myself) that Miami had more to offer than South Beach and the Miami that I remembered when I graduated from UM….we were two seconds from moving to San Francisco….and who knows if Wynwood Letterpresswould have happened, so I am a huge Wynwood cheerleader!


How do you choose your inventory?

I think the BEST stuff is collected and then brought in from when I travel – there is certainly something to be said about going to a trade show and seeing so much under one roof, but another thing to hunt down and discover companies sort of not there yet.

With brands collaborating with places like Target and Paper Source for exclusive rights and designs, it’s tough to not just buy things that all look like that – that’s what the masses want I guess?  I have to trust that I have a good eye and just go with it – we’re a brick and mortar, it’s different.


What’s the new new on all things paper? 

People continue to love cutise paper….watercolors, ombre, flamingos, cutesie sayings and quotes. Stuff that makes you smile.  I also see a big trend for throwback type products too.  Character erasers from the 80’s, 4 ink color pens, composition style notebooks, etc.


What made you decide to open up this store? 

Lots of people ask me this – and it’s just what I’ve always wanted to do –  my entire life. I got sidetracked with (great) jobs that I didn’t love – then finally something happens that reminds you how short life is and I had the “this is happening now or never” moment.


What were some of the struggles you’ve overcome as an entrepreneur? 

It’s all you all the time! Trying to learn to not be on my phone or computer for a few hours on a day off is a struggle. The job is never done, you can’t leave something like this at the door when you walk out .  I promise it’s never sitting around taking (edited) pictures of lattes for Instagram!


What made you decide to enter this market?  

As I mentioned above – I’ve always, always been into this. Our goal is to celebrate every single day (not just giant milestones) and make sure that the people in our lives know we love and appreciate them – and hope our customers get that too.  Life is really short.


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