Sweat Records



Where did the name Sweat Records come from?

We wanted an unconventional name. Miami is hot, and you could also be “sweating that new Kishi Bashi record really hard.”


What made you decide to open up this store?

As a native I wanted Miami to have a store that catered directly to the people here. I worked at a huge music retail chain store in high school and we’d be missing loads of popular releases because all the buying was done in LA.


What were some of the struggles you’ve overcome as an entrepreneur?  

There’s no easy information pipeline for city/county resources for small businesses, I definitely think that’s something local government could do better on. We also survived 17 months of construction on NE 2nd Ave outside our shop which was a nightmare and drastically affected sales. We had to hustle hard during that time and host loads of events that drew people in to offset the lost income.


How do you choose your inventory?

Emile Milgrim is our music buyer and knows our audience and regulars well enough to stock the bins with exactly what they’re looking for. We carry almost all notable new releases and also do special orders all the time.


What would be your dream record collection?

I already have *my* dream collection! No collection is ever complete though so I keep a wish list on Discogs.com and pay attention to the reissue and new release info we get at Sweat to fill in the gaps.


Why is it incorrect to refer to records as vinyls?

Records can be called vinyl, LPs (short for long players), albums, wax, etc. The one thing that is grammatically incorrect is “vinyls”. The plural of vinyl is vinyl.


You’re work in the Music & Retail Industry. What are some changes (one positive, one negative) you’ve seen in technology that have impacted both industries?

We are very pro-streaming at Sweat because that’s how we and a lot of our customers decide what we like enough to purchase. Feel free to follow us on Spotify where we post monthly playlists of our favorite new releases and reissues. For us one of the biggest challenges is reviewing the sheer amount of releases that come out every week. It’s mind-boggling and is only possible because access to home recording software has completely shifted what people are able to produce and release without being signed to a record label.


How do you decide what you’ll play at POPCHART at The Anderson?

I’ve been an “indie” DJ for half my life now but I also grew up next to Hot Wheels roller rink in Kendall and listened to a LOT of Power96. The night is a mix of favorites from back on the playground, old-school MTV alternative hits, and all-around quality jams from the ‘80s to now. Three months later it’s become one of my favorite parties ever and we get a great crowd who comes out to dance.

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