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  1. We love the name OFY, how did you come about it?The term OFY began back in college where it quickly became infamously known and said throughout campus and on social media. The “Oh Fuck Yeah” lifestyle has always been my life philosophy. This outlook landed me a “life of the party” senior superlative in high school and has led to some of my greatest memories and experiences. OFY is a reflect of a lifestyle: bold, adventurous, spontaneous, and sexy. It also doesn’t hurt that the OFY acronym stand for both sides of my family: Ofir Farahan Yerushalmi.
  2. When did you decide to open your second location?Our flagship store in Brickell offers a great range of brands. However, in the ever-growing men’s market, more and more brands continue to emerge into the scene. The second location was opened to serve as an extension of OFY Brickell; carrying some of our core brands but also introducing our customer to more emerging brands. We just couldn’t fit our vision under one roof anymore!
  3. We love Wynwood, why do you?I have always gravitated towards Wynwood. It was actually runner up to be our flagship store when we first opened three years ago. Wynwood has such depth and culture to it, which is very unique and refreshing for Miami. These attributes are what define OFY.
  4. How do you choose which brands to sell?I look for longevity. Brands that consistently provide strong collections from season to season are attractive brands. Brands that have strong collections that are a pleasure to work with are OFY brands. I love working with our brands and designers and take pride in the strong relationships I have developed with them.
  5. Where do you find inspiration?I find most of my inspiration from the music world. I have always had a deep connection and appreciation to almost every genre out there. When any of my favorite musicians release a new LP, I get a new wave of inspiration.
  6. If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life, which would it be? Cotton Citizen
  7. What are some struggles that you’ve faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?Being an entrepreneur is definitely a double edged sword. My biggest struggle starting up was balancing my creative and business. It’s still a struggle. The two often blur each other and are equally as important in yielding successful results.
  8. What are some goals for your store that you can share with us?One of my main goals for OFY is to become a global shopping destination for men. I think we are making steady progress in this regard with customers now shopping from all over the world. This can only be achieved through consistency in both product selection and customer experience. Both are integral factors that produce the unique OFY experience.

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