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Miami’s scene is changing at an exponentially rapid pace. In this section you’ll meet the movers, shakers & curators of some of the coolest places around town. Today we’re sharing an inspirational conversation we had with Bill Goldstein of Walt Grace that reinforced the importance and meaning of “dream loud” through his unparalleled collection of cars and guitars. Make sure to catch Walt Grace Sessions at Wynwood Diner next Thursday, November 10th at 8pm. 


Fast Lane:

Hometown? Suburbs of Philadelphia

Favorite place to travel? Greece—every part of Greece

On your Spotify right now? Stevie Ray Vaughn

Life goals? Continue to do what I love and share it with others. Also to inspire others to do what they love because that’s become a huge part of Walt Grace has become.


We hear you were an ad man before Walt Grace. Can you share some highlights of your career? Every day was a highlight in the early 90s especially when you’re helping shape an industry. My company was one of the first interactive agencies.


Why Walt Grace? It’s the first two words in John Mayor’s “Walt Grace’s Submarine”. At the time I was working in advertising, but I didn’t feel fulfilled—I just wasn’t happy. I had been in the adverting industry about 25 years, but before that I had an agency in New York called Raw Interactive and sold that in 2003 when I became a father. Her mother and I split up and she moved down to Miami, so I sold my agency and moved down here full time. One day, I was in the shower and the song came on. I listened to the lyrics and connected to the man in the song. That moment I called my agency and resigned.


How do you choose your inventory? I choose the guitars that speak to me. As for the cars, we my partner Bernard Bohn has the most incredible collection. We both make sure to pay homage to the people who made these guitars and cars.






How do you differentiate what you sell and what you keep? “Don’t get high on your own supply”. It’s very hard to stick to it, but I remind myself that this is my business. I see myself as the guitars’ caretaker and I want to make sure they go to someone who really appreciates them.


What started Walt Grace Sessions at Wynwood Diner? There wasn’t much of a scene here. Miami is all about drinking and partying and there wasn’t a place that was just about good music.


Anything you want to add? Don’t work in something that you love—work in something that you like… Save what you love for yourself because you need something to go home to.




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