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rita-pintoFast Lane:
Hometown? San Francisco
Fried Turkey or Regular Turkey? Regular
Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman? Spiderman
If you were a nail polish color, what color would you be? Navy Blue


Can you explain what Vanity Projects is?
Vanity Projects is a luxury concept that merges a high-end art atelier with video art programming. The company’s vision is to reshape the way clients perceive and experience video art by placing it in an engaging environment. Vanity Projects specializes in innovative designed manicures from the most sought-after nail artists, in addition to a standard nail salon menu using the finest nail lacquers.
Why did you decide to combine an art component to your space?
I am curator by trade and I wanted to maintain a dialogue with artists and the art world. I love video art and it is a difficult medium to give time to. At the salon the manicures are detailed and often take over an hour. Hence a captive audience. My hope is that my clients will learn and appreciate the medium.


Why did you choose Miami, Little River in particular, as your second out post (first being NYC)?
We had been coming to Miami for the last five years working events around Art Basel and Mercedes Benz Swim Week and I met the most amazing nail artists who convinced me to open here. When I came to Miami looking for spaces, I wanted to find somewhere that was easy for locals. Little River is a neighborhood on the rise and I believe it is where the brand feels like home. In the coming years we will see major development of mixed use businesses.


What’s it like being a #GirlBoss?
Well to be honest I work 7 days a week. I am passionate about the brand I have built so it doesn’t feel like work. In the last five years I have learned a huge amount about how to manage a team of people and grow as a person.


What advice would you give to a nail art newbie?
I would say stick to a nail shape that you are used to and perhaps look for inspiration on Instagram and dialogue with the nail artist to come up with a design that suits your look.


Where do you see VP in 5 years?
We would like to open more locations in Aspen and Dallas. I want to open in cities where there is a strong art community, so the salon can continue to engage on that level.vanityprojects_hres

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