Gio Profera

Fast Lane:
Star sign? — Aquarius
Hot sauce or no sauce? — FIRE sauce
What’s your spirit animal? — Tortoise — Slow and steady wins the race baby!
Glitter or sequins? — GLITTERRRRR


How did you get started in the industry?

I first got started in the industry doing different forms of cosplay. From cosplay I quickly became the assistant director for Opium Group while working the door at SPACE and now I have an amazing residency at The Miami Beach EDITION. In between everything, I started Julesky y Karla and that really helped launch my career.


We fell in love you while working at BasementMIAMI. What’s the biggest difference between Gio at BasementMIAMI and everyday Gio?
Gio at BasementMIAMI gets to pour champagne in the club and dance like EVERYBODY is watching. Everyday Gio is far less glamorous and takes care of his family. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


How do you come up with your elaborate costumes?
My costumes are propelled by media, news, fashion and art. I stick that into a blender, make a sexy smoothie and take a big sip. I just want people to talk!


What are the questions people most ask you?
Without a doubt I ALWAYS get asked if I’m Gay, Straight or where they can buy my shoes.

gio-2What’s next for Gio?
I would love to become the next John Waters of Hialeah. I want to bring my nightlife art into mainstream art and mash them together to eventually direct a film.

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