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The Embrace

1.5 pt. Rutte Old Simon Genever
1/2 pt. Mandarine Napoléon
3 pt. Cranberry/Apple juice mix (3:1 apple to cranberry juice,)
3/4 pt. Honey water (1:1) Syrup (equal parts warm water and honey, stir until all honey dissolved)
1/2 pt. lemon juice

Heat in microwave until just warm not boiled. Sprinkle of cinnamon powder, dusting of nutmeg (fresh or powdered), 1x cinnamon stick, 1 star anise and 3 cloves stuck in an orange peel twist to garnish each drink. Dash of Chocolate bitters and Peychauds in each drink as it is served.

Large format, replace all parts into cup measurement and place in large pan. Gently warm all liquid ingredients through until a fog appears above. Use a ladle to serve the mix into latte glasses and garnish with the spices (dusting of nutmeg, stick cinnamon, star anise and orange twist with cloves), apple fan and bitters dashed into the top.

Place in recipients hand and watch the warmth wash over their smile as they use both hands to embrace the glass, closing their eyes.

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