Janet Jones, Creator of VIXEN WORKOUT


Song on your playlist right now? —  Migos – Bad and Boujee

Workout hair: Braids or loose? — loose hair

What’s your New Years Resolution? — Become better

Sugar or spice? — Sugar


What inspired the VIXEN WORKOUT? 

The brand is my life story in a nutshell – I’ve been in the entertainment business my whole life and living my passion. I gave it all up and thought my dreams were stupid so I went to school, had a job in corporate America. I left it all because I bought into society and had a baby and got married. Society was leading me up the wrong ladder and I was there for 4 years and discovered that most women go through a 9 – 5 job and abandon themselves. I wanted to show women how alive they could be during dance and become the best version of themselves and give them an opportunity of how to feel like a performer.


What do you hope people walk away with after doing a VIXEN WORKOUT?

I think most of us live so much in our head and get so many messages of what were supposed to be doing – to be thinking. VIXEN lets you lose yourself through music and movement and in doing so you tap into yourself and that new found sense of self awareness is very powerful. Once you find your sense of self, you realize it helps you make better decisions on health, dating etc. Tapping into that little voice that we all have and tend to ignore is amazing.


What’s the reasoning behind the only-female dynamic?

I needed to create a space where women can disconnect and if men are there women automatically feel so self aware of their surroundings. If it’s all women you’re able to touch your body in a certain way and not feel judged; you get rid of all of those barriers.


Why do you think it’s become so popular in Miami?

The VIXEN WORKOUT started in Miami and now we have launched all over the country and international! The same popularity and the same grasp from Miami hit all over. We as women need a space to disconnect from life and leave our roles behind – one general thing that women need is a disconnection. Escapism is a huge part of vixen workout. 

How has it changed your life?

I started this just for my friends a few years ago and it wasn’t a business that I planned or prepared for. Its been really great to see something that I thought to be the worst time in my life end up being the tools I needed to inspire so many women. Sometimes your struggle can be your strength.


What are your favorite characteristics of the #VIXENARMY?

We’re a sisterhood! I love that we’ve created our own culture of fashion and music and throughout this whole thing we’re all connected. Someone in Miami feels connected to someone in the Dominican Republic.

You can catch Janet and the #VIXENARMY at the launch of âme Spa & Wellness Collective on January 28th!

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