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Charcuterie Plate at Market at EDITION



What’s more impressive to your friends than hosting a casual, mid-week soiree with a nice Charcuterie Plate and ole’ bottle of Cabaret. Alternatively, your parents plan to stop by your apartment to see “how things are going.” — here’s your chance to impress them all. Check out our favorite Charcuterie Plate recipe served at Market at The Miami Beach EDITION.


The most essential ingredient to a successful artisanal cheese and charcuterie plate is the board — think real wood in the shape of a circle.

· Slice blocks of aged Manchego, Taleggio, and Majorero cheeses

· Pair with Prosciutto and Chorizo meats

· Add a few slices toasted bread

· Incorporate a cup of freshly pickled olives

· And for a final touch, include sides of Guava Jam, Mustard and Pepper Corn for those who can’t choose between sweet and savory

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