Vanessa & Marivette From NEVERMIND Cosmetics

Fast Lane:

– Hot or cold? Hot
– Day or Night? Day
– Physical or digital? Physical
– Matte or Satin? Matte
– Glitter or Velvet? Velvet
– Hot or cold? Hot
– Day or Night? Night
– Physical or digital? Physical
– Matte or Satin? Satin
– Glitter or Velvet? Velvet


– What inspired you girls to create NEVERMIND?

V: I think for us it was more of a creative outlet. Starting something that was our own meant not having to ask permission. And as a woman who has been in the workforce for a good chunk of time, this was extremely important for me.

M: We were looking for the chance to do something we enjoy our way. After being in the beauty industry for a few years under a predominantly male management team, we walked away with the intention to build something for women by women. 


V: NEVERMIND is an attitude. When we started NVM we had a sassy, powerful, go-getter girl/boy in mind, and I think this name perfectly encompasses all of that.

M: From the get go we knew we wanted something that gave off this vibe of fierce independence. We threw around words and finally landed on “nevermind.” We instantly took a liking to it and it just stuck. We didn’t bother trying out other words.

– Where do you girls think you get most of your color inspiration? 

V: We keep up with beauty and fashion trends of course, but we try to keep our line stocked with colors that will work year-round. We also take different skin tones into consideration, I’m tan and Mari is more fair so we only choose colors that will work for our diverse customer base.

M: It’s a combination of keeping up with beauty trends and shades that work no matter the season or skin tone. We are very aware of how diverse a color can look on one particular skin tone in comparison to another. 

– Where do you see your career in 5 years

V: When I think of the next 5 years the only word that comes to mind is expansion. We want to take NEVERMIND further and have already expanded into merchandise. We’d also like to increase our cosmetics line from just lipstick, to other beauty items as well.

M: Yes, growth, growth, growth. 

– What has been one of your favorite things to develop during your project?

V: Going into our merch has been so fun for me, our hats are the first step and I’m in love with that project!

M: I must say the branding/aesthetic aspect. We get to decide what we put out there and how we put it out there. From our logo, to our voice, to the names of our lipstick, our imagery, and packaging…it has been so much fun (and can’t forget stressful) to develop the look and feel of NEVERMIND. 

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