Beyond South Beach



Hot or cold? Hot

Physical or digital? Digital

Food or Drinks? Drinks

South Beach or Wynwood? South Beach…SIKE! Wynwood.


What inspired you to create Beyond South Beach? 

Aside from the fact that we love our city, we were inspired to create Beyond South Beach because we realized Miami is misrepresented by South Beach. Whenever we’re asked where we’re from (answer: Miami), the immediate response is “Oh, great! South Beach?” “How are the clubs?” “What about the drugs?” It’s a small block radius that people automatically associate with Miami. We saw this happen when Lebron said he was “taking his talents to South Beach”, yet the AAA is downtown! While we appreciate South Beach, there’s just so much more to Miami. We’re inspired and aiming to change the conversation people have about Miami.


Why “Beyond South Beach”? (explain the name) 

Beyond South Beach, speaks for itself. That’s why. When you hear it, it just makes sense. And if it doesn’t, our mantra “There’s more to Miami than South Beach” completes the picture.




Is it hard working with your sibling/family member?

HA! Yes. Professionalism is hard when you’re so comfortable with one another. It’s definitely an emotional challenge at times but there are also a lot of pros, and we wouldn’t change it.

Where do you see your career in 5 years

We see Beyond South Beach as our full-time career. It’s on its way to become a lifestyle publication and agency. Don’t want to give away too much!




What advice would you give someone coming to Miami for the first time? (things to see, places to visit, restaurants to eat at)

Visitors should definitely walk down Calle Ocho. They should eat at Old Havana, grab an ice cream at Azucar, a quick cafecito at a counter and get loose at Ball & Chain. They should cruise down the beautiful Biscayne Blvd starting at Bayfront Park, passing the Biscayne Bay, Freedom Tower and the AAA (one of my favorite areas in Miami), all the way to Upper East Side to see the old ’50s motels. The drive paints such a picture of Miami’s history and what it is today. They should check out Wynwood of course, and a rooftop bar Downtown to appreciate our beautiful skyline. I could go on and on from Coconut Grove to Coral Gables but will stop here, check out our Instagram for more ideas 😉IMG_0345

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