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Nature or urban photography?

Urban photography is my nature 😉

Black & white or color?

A strong picture will be strong without color, but exploring hues is a skill that I admire very much too.

Posed photos or candid?

Sometimes you pose a photo so that when your subject moves you get the candid behavior you secretly wanted.

Tea or beer?

Work with tea, dance with beer 💃




How did you develop an interest in photography?

I’ve always been intrigued by it, although I never fully understood it’s value until I began my Graphic Design career. It was during this period that I developed a sensitivity for visual meaning and a deep connection to Art history.

Graphic Design can be blamed for my geometric complex and Van Gogh’s work is the reason for my obsession with color.


Are there any tips you have for beginners in photography?

Yes, take 1000 pictures every day. I mean it.  It’s the only way to develop muscle memory for visual nuances and for your equipment. Photos are brief moments caught in a millisecond, trust me, you want to be prepared for it.


What’s a recent trend in photography that you find interesting?

Not sure if this is yet a trend but I really lust over images that have compositions that are difficult to decipher. If the intention was well considered it leaves you drooling over its simplicity and elegance.


Do you have a favorite Instagram filter? If so, what attracts you to it?

Instagram filters are no good. Don’t use them, boycott them until they improve. That said, I encourage you to challenge yourself to make your own filters. Mess around with the color of your shadows, a little green for vintage, a little red for romance. Take your pick, but always experiment!


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