A Conversation With DZA

Fast Lane:

– Salsa or Ballads? Salsa
– Day or Night? Night
– Physical or digital? Physical
– 6 panel or snapback? 6 Panel is my favorite but I wear Snapbacks more 
– Black or white? White 
– What inspired you to start DJing? 
Music and being alone with it throughout my teenage years.


Peachfuzz is the name of probably my favorite KMD song. It also kinda just fits the feel and vibe of the party. 

– Where do you think you get your most inspiration? 
I think Downtown Miami is the most inspiring place on earth to me. It sounds insane to say, because of what the rest of the world has to offer. Paris (my city of birth/where I grew up), New York City, and other large cities where things are already established and developed are great but seeing a place like Miami grow into its own is really cool. I’m also not into going out in nature to get inspiration because I don’t do yoga.

– Where do you see your career in 5 years

I’m not sure, hopefully just doing what i want to do every day of my life then too.

– What has been one of your favorite things to develop during your project?

I think just learning to communicate with people and dealing with people in negative or positive ways. Nightlife is an interesting and rash and sometimes cut-throat world. It’s a great place to watch people develop

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