Ari From Mr. Kream

Cone or cup? Cone!
Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate!
Old school Hip Hop or New school hip hop? old school all day!
Mr. Pac Man or Donkey Kong? Pac man!


So you’ve DJ’ed some of the hottest clubs in Miami, how did opening up an Ice-cream shop become your next step? Why Wynwood?
Being a DJ, which is a passion-driven job, I said that no matter whatever happens and what line of work I choose to go into in the future it always has to be something that is passion-driven. Growing up my favorite food was always ice cream – as a matter of fact it was actually my first job ever working in an ice cream shop for a very small amount of time. That’s what sparked the whole interest today – it’s fun, people are never in a bad mood at a ice cream shop, and let’s be honest it’s a great business model. The ice cream industry is now a $1 billion industry. So mixing all those concepts together is really what sparked this whole business and you know I love mixing, whether it’s MUSIC or ice cream. Why Wynwood? Three years ago I started To DJ in this neighborhood and it reminded me a lot of New York – it was very free, full of art, full of culture. So when I saw how diverse I could be as a DJ it made me realize how diverse I could be as an entrepreneur. That’s when I realized that I can bring my life dream into a reality in this cool neighborhood.


One thing we’ve never seen at an ice-cream shop before is edible spray paint. How did you come up with this concept? 
The spray paint concept came about with two different things. Number one, graffiti is one of the most influential hip-hop elements. Number two, the shop originally was just a paint shop so we wanted to keep the culture and the influence of what the shop was for years before we got here… food is an art in itself so why not just add another twist and hit it with a little paint!!! It’s fun and it’s a conversation piece and we love to bring conversation to Mr. Kream


With flavors like “A$AP” Rocky Road and “2 Live Blue”, whats your favorite flavor you offer?
To be 100% honest with you it fluctuates on a weekly basis but at this current moment… I’m In Love With The Coco which is a toasted coconut. It’s very refreshing on a hot summer day so that is definitely my pick at the moment!


If anyone from your flavor profiles stepped into your store, who would you be most excited to see and why?
To be honest with you being a leader and influencer in the hip-hop community as a DJ and a producer, a lot of flavors were named after personal friends and some legends of course! A lot of our flavor influencers have already been in our shop from Fat joe to fabulous DJ Kid Capri, ASAP Ferg, DJ Carnage, 2 Live Crew, Luther Campbell and more… the list goes on and on of who has already visited our shop. We are featured on 2 upcoming reality shows that I cannot mention at the time until it’s announced that will also let the cat out of the bag on how many more celebrities have been frequenting our shop!!


What’s next for Mr.Kream? 
We are working on two very big things at the moment. We are opening another two locations in West Hollywood California and Brooklyn New York along with that we will be launching Mr. Kream distribution which will now offer to-go pints in stores throughout the country!!! Last but not least, in Miami we are now finalizing the build of our mobile food truck that will be able to serve ice cream on the go along with a built-in DJ booth so we can keep the same concept on the road!!


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