Bec From Box Coffee

Black or creamer? Black or with an orange twist
Coffee + donuts? or Coffee + croquettas? Porque no los dos?
Favorite roadtrip song? Salt-N-Pepa can do no wrong
Hike or bike? Bike

Opening up a cold brew location in Miami seems like a no brainer, what inspired you to do so? Why did you choose to open up in Wynwood?
Miami and Cold Brew were destined to be together… Hot City, Cold Coffee! We created Box Coffee to be a place we want to hang out & drink the coffee we love to drink in the city we love… Add to that, a community full of forward thinkers and all the fresh art you can handle and a home in Wynwood was a total no brainer.

Describe Box Coffee in 3 words _______ ________ _______
Cold. Is. Hot!

I hear you have flavors like Mint Mojito and Florida Orange Fizz. What inspired these flavor combinations?
Cocktails! We love the fresh combos you find a bartender whipping up behind a bar and all the creativity that comes with it. Your coffee options don’t have to be “black or with cream?” anymore… it’s time to shake things up!

Which one is your favorite?
Florida Orange Fizz is my go-to right now but depending on the time & day you’ll see me drinking a Straight Black Cold Brew, getting down on a Rico Suave, or coming up with a new drink we just made up and probably forgot to write down a recipe for.

If you could collaborate with anyone or any brand in the world, who would it be and why?
Pow! Wow! Hawaii! If you don’t know them, look them up right now. Everything they do is so dope and the way they bring together culture, music and art is ridiculous. We’d be stoked to collaborate with just a pinky finger’s worth of that creative energy.

What coffee trend do you wish would end?
Drink it in a thimble, a giant goblet or through a straw while you’re doing a handstand… we really don’t care! If you’re having fun with it, we’re on board!

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