Simonett Pereira from Style Mafia

Flare or straight leg? Flare
Leather or lace? Leather
Past or future? Future
Is it ok that men taking over the romper trend? Yes


1. How often do you come out with a new collection?
We release six collections per year, so every other month.


2. What’s your opinion on fast fashion?
We are living in times of immediate consumption. You see something on Instagram and want to purchase it at that very moment. This has seriously disrupted the fashion calendar and I think “fast fashion” is the way of the (near) future.


3. How often do you look at the past for inspiration?
I feel that everything has already been invented. We look to the past and reinterpret in a way that is current and unique to Style Mafia. We also put a focus on the present moment, being constantly inspired by what people are wearing in the street right now.


4. Have you ever thought about designing menswear? Why or why not?
This would be nice but most men don’t buy ruffles, or elaborate shirting!


5. What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Stay true to yourself, trust your vision and let the rest flow.


6. What do you see for the future of Style Mafia?
I would love to develop exclusive collections for my favorite stores around the world.

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