Luisa From Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream

lulus-dribble1. Simple or loaded with toppings? ALL the toppings

2. Nutella or Chocolate? ..theres a difference! Nutella

3. Whats your favorite type of crunch? (sprinkles, cookies, chocolate chips etc) graham crumble

4. One or two scoops? PINT

5. Afternoon delight or midnight snack? Midnight snack, unfortunately, haha.


What inspired the idea for Lulu’s?

Lulu’s is the perfect merger of my passions for sustainable, value-driven business and my love of ice cream.


With nitrogen ice cream becoming such a trend nowadays, what makes Lulu’s different from the rest?

I founded Lulu’s on the notion that people want and deserve the best ice cream made with the highest quality ingredients. Liquid nitrogen is simply one of the many tools we use to craft what we consider to be the highest quality ice cream. It’s just as important as the milk and cream we get from Dakin dairy farms, where our cow, Lulu, lives or the incredibly delicious passion fruit and guava we get from Homestead and the Redlands.


What was the first flavor you invented at Lulu’s?

The first night I ever made ice cream my roommates and a few friends helped me make chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. This was only possible after tricking an gas company into delivering a tank of nitrogen to my dorm on campus!


Is there one flavor combination that is a customer favorite?

A few: Guava goat cheese with graham crumble on top. The Triple Threat: Oreo waffle, Cookies and Cream, and Oreos on top. The Conewich, an ice cream sandwich on top of a two scoop ice cream cone!


What is your favorite indulgent ice cream to make?

Key lime pie.


What has been the biggest challenge running this ice cream shop?

Once permitting and licensing was all done it’s been challenging to ensure all new team members deliver the level of care and excellence

we strive for.


Have you ever thought about making a video montage of all the customers being shocked by the nitrogen mixing process?

Lol, yeah – we see all kinds of comical reactions.


If you could invent any flavor in the world what would it be and why? 

Lately I’ve been on a Guanabana (sour sop) kick so I want to make that – healthy-ish, simple, and as delicious as it gets.

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