Gold Bar Squash & Chorizo Pizza

For the garlic oil

20 g garlic, germ removed, microplaned

100 g evo

Mix right before service. Discard after service.

To assemble

1 ea dough portion

60 g fontina, grated

25 g mozzarella, grated and pressed

6 pc basil leaves

½ c grated goldbar squash/zucchini

16 pc cherry tomato ½’s

8 pc chorizo, sliced very thin

2 Tb garlic oil

Salt/sea salt/chili flakes/lemon zest/lemon wedge

Stretch dough and apply toppings in order listed being sure to cover crust with garnish.

Cook pie, cut, then finish with sea salt, chili flakes, lemon zest and a lemon wedge.

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